Ari Goldwag sings, composes, and produces some of the latest hits in contemporary Jewish music. With five solo albums, Ari has also starred in and produced several acclaimed music videos.

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Va’eschanan – Entering Israel

August 15, 2016

Why was it so important to Moshe to go into Israel? What is the significance of Hashem’s response – ‘don’t speak to Me about this,’ and ‘go up on the mountain to see the land?’ What is the value of seeing the land if he could not go there? Why is this the circumstance that…

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Devarim-Tisha B’av – Unifying Duality

August 12, 2016

Why is the lesson of Devarim before Tisha B’av? How did Moshe become able to speak so eloquently when he originally categorized himself as ‘heavy of tongue?’ What does it mean that the Torah ‘cures the tongue?’ What is the significance of the teaching that a sefer Torah can be written in any language, or…

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Matos-Masei – Stops on the Journey

August 5, 2016

Why does Hashem instruct Moshe to ‘reminisce’ about the many stops along the journey through the wilderness, especially in light of the Midrash’s statement that all these places were spots where the Jewish people angered Hashem? Why does the midrash state that in the future the wilderness will become inhabited and the habitation will become…

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Ari's hit video Am Echad is a Jewish music phenomenon, with over 2.5 million views on YouTube. Watch Am Echad and other videos featuring Ari's music.