Ari Goldwag sings, composes, and produces some of the hottest hits in contemporary Jewish music. With six solo albums, Ari has also starred in and produced several highly acclaimed music videos.

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Shmini – Balancing Vessels and Light

April 9, 2021

Why did Nadav and Avihu drink wine as they entered the Holy of Holies when the Tabernacle was finally completed? Why did Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon) marry the daugther of Pharaoh when he completed the building of the Beis Hamikdash (Temple)? Why did he drink wine at that time? What is the depth of the…

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Pesach – Revelation of the Sea

April 2, 2021

Why are the Jewish people referred to as Yordei Hayam – “Those who went down into the sea?” Why was their revelation greater than that requested by Moshe on Har Sinai? When will we experience that type of revelation again? Why are the angels unable to have the kind of direct experience that we are…

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Tzav-Pesach – Taste of the Future

March 26, 2021

Why does the Torah speak in a seemingly repetitious way when speaking about the Korban Olah? What is the relationship of a broken heart to the building of the Beis Hamikdash (Temple) in Jerusalem? Why do we speak on Pesach at the Seder about our return to Eretz Yisrael and the building of the Beis…

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Ari's hit video Am Echad is a Jewish music phenomenon, with over 8 million views on YouTube. Watch Am Echad and other videos featuring Ari's music.