Ari Goldwag sings, composes, and produces some of the hottest hits in contemporary Jewish music. With eight solo albums, Ari has also starred in and produced several highly acclaimed music videos.

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Nasso – Joining the People of Israel

June 14, 2024

What is the implicit comparison between the Ger-Convert and the Kohen in the law that money owed to a Convert who passed away with no heirs is paid to the Kohen? Why is the Convert to Judaism called a ‘returnee’ if he is only arriving at this juncture? What is the understanding of the spiritual…

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Shavuos – Finding Hidden Treasures

June 11, 2024

What is the idea behind the Midrash’s statement that every prophet’s prophecy was given to him at Har Sinai? How does this apply to the words of wisdom that would be said by Torah scholars down to our times? What is the ‘great Voice that did not end’ that echoes through the generations? What is…

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Bimidbar – Israel Surrounds the Mishkan

June 7, 2024

What is the depth behind each of the sides of the Mishkan, which was surrounded by four Levi encampments, and four corresponding Israelite ecampments? What is the significance of the West, as the source of ‘snow, sleet, extreme heat and cold? And the South, as the source of rain and dew of blessing? And the…

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Ari's hit video Am Echad is a Jewish music phenomenon, with over 11 million views on YouTube. Watch Am Echad and other videos featuring Ari's music.