Ari Goldwag sings, composes, and produces some of the hottest hits in contemporary Jewish music. With six solo albums, Ari has also starred in and produced several highly acclaimed music videos.

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Vayelech-Yom Kippur – The King’s Gifts

September 10, 2021

What is behind Hashem’s statement to Moshe that his time has come, and that it is time for the leadership of Yehoshua to begin? Why does the midrash stress the greatness of Moshe – his ability to battle the angels and easily sway Hashem, as it were – and contrast that with his weakness in…

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Nitsavim-Rosh Hashana – Prayer and Repentance

September 1, 2021

What is the concept of prayer, and specifically a prayer for forgiveness? What is the idea behind the statement of the medrash that ‘Prayer is very great in front of Hakadosh Baruch Hu (G-d)? What is the idea behind the limitation of the punishment of Kayin (Cain) which split his decree in half through his…

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Ki Savo – Affirming Hashem’s Reality

August 27, 2021

What is the concept of the word ‘Amen?’ What are the three contexts of the use of this word, and the theme of all three? Why is it that if we ‘say Amen in this world, we will say Amen in the next?’ Why is there a parallel concept in regards to the study of…

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Ari's hit video Am Echad is a Jewish music phenomenon, with over 9 million views on YouTube. Watch Am Echad and other videos featuring Ari's music.