Ari Goldwag sings, composes, and produces some of the hottest hits in contemporary Jewish music. With six solo albums, Ari has also starred in and produced several highly acclaimed music videos.

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Chukas – Purity from Impurity

June 18, 2021

Why is the formula to purify a person who has come in contact with the dead so full of hints to judgment – red and fire? Why does this purity come about by causing impurity to the Kohen who is performing the process? Why does Avraham, a great righteous individual, come from the wicked Terach?…

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Korach – Beginning and End

June 11, 2021

What is the depth behind the sons of Korach who will be raised out of their place in Gehinom in the future? What is the connection between this and the idea of the double letters in Hebrew that have different versions in the middle and end of the word? How do these double letters indicate…

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Shlach – Angels and Messengers

June 4, 2021

What is the essence of a good messenger? Why was Pinchos able to make himself invisible as he was involved in his spying activity? Why were the spies in our parsha viewed negatively (in their perception)? What is the nature of the final messenger (Eliyahu Hanavi) who will be sent immediately before Hashem reveals Himself…

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Ari's hit video Am Echad is a Jewish music phenomenon, with over 8 million views on YouTube. Watch Am Echad and other videos featuring Ari's music.