Dream of the rings explained

This was my explanation on Nava’s husband’s dream which you can find here.

This post is important, as I will reference it in a later post be’H.

Gold, silver and copper each represent the three sefirot of חג”ת – חסד גבורה תפארת. Chesed is represented by silver, Gevurah (din) is represented by gold, and Tiferet (the balance between the two) is represented by copper. The egg shaped stones represents different aspects of Moshiach, because he is the one who is bringing about the birth of the era of Moshiach. The egg represents all the potential for the new reality he is bringing in. The ring is a circle, and we find that the circle always represents the concept that we are focusing on the center of what the circle stands for. An example of this is on Succos when we circle the bimah where the sefer Torah is held thus representing the centrality of Torah, or the circling of the mizbeach that was done in the Beis Hamikdash on Succos representing the centrality of service to Hashem.

Another important point is that in our world, the way we express Hashem’s middah of Chesed is by doing kindness. The way we express Gevurah and din, is by doing Tzedakah – charity, and by displaying moral strength and dedication. The way Tiferet is expressed is by being fierce adherents to Torah and Truth – emes. (תתן אמת ליעקב – Yakov represents Tiferet, Truth and Torah study.)

There is also a concept that when we do acts of kindness and charity, we are bringing down Hashem’s kindness into the world and bringing the world toward its ultimate completion. This also mirrors the idea that we can give power to Moshiach by helping him fulfill his role, which is to bring Hashem’s ultimate Kindness, Righteousness, and Truth to the world. We do this when we act with kindness, righteousness, Truth and Torah study.

One last important point to make before we come back to the dream is something I read recently in the introduction of R’ Chaim Vital to the sefer Sha’arei Kedusha. There he brings a story where he asked the Arizal an important question. R’ Chaim asks the Arizal, “How can you tell me that I am greater than those of the previous generations, even greater than the Righteous ones of the times of the Gemara and Mishna?” The Arizal’s response was that in that time, it was much easier to be great, because the powers of evil were much weaker. As the generations passed and the powers of the Other Side have strengthened, it is much more difficult to be righteous. Thus, if one is righteous despite that, he would have certainly been many more times as great in the times of the Gemara and Mishna, even greater than those that lived then, for the powers of evil had less of a hold then.

Taking that idea to its end, the times we live in now are the ultimate ‘darkness before the dawn.’ When we act with goodness and righteousness despite the immense power of evil that is evident throughout the world – we have done what seems to be a small act, but in truth it is unbelievably large. These acts that WE are doing are the engine that powers Moshiach’s arrival!

After that introduction, I think we can make some sense of the rings. The golden ring represents the power we can give to Moshiach – the power of charity and righteousness. These deeds are necessary in order to help the ‘egg’ of redemption hatch. The more we involve ourselves in charity and righteousness, despite the powers of evil, the greater is our ability to give this power to Moshiach to be revealed. The silver ring represents chessed. The more we are involved in kindess the more we awaken Hashem’s Infinite Kindness, thereby causing the ‘egg’ of Moshiach to hatch with kindness. The copper ring represents Tiferet – Emes. The more we are slaves to the truth, the closer we bring the world to the revelation of Ultimate Truth.

These three powers that are within our reach to donate toward the Redemption process are what the Yetzer Hara is trying with all his greatest efforts to prevent. He knows that if we are dedicated to Goodness and Truth it will be his ultimate downfall. He will try to steal the purse with the three rings at any opportunity. And if we can rid ourselves of him for a moment, he will come back within no time to try again to take away our dedication.

We must realize that the individual efforts of every single Jew in this area are crucial. There are only a select few who are even aware of what is going on in the world at all. If we have been chosen to be part of this, then we must acknowledge our responsibility in these areas and try our best to strengthen our dedication to them.

Chessed – Kindness, Gevurah – Tzedakah and moral strength, Tiferet – Truth and Torah study.

May we all merit to see Moshiach with mercy, speedily in our days.

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