Tazria-Metzorah – The Metzorah/Niddah connection

Why do we mainly find this unusual sickness in regards to the concept of lashon hara – forbidden speech? Why does this sickness cover the skin? Why do we find that this sickness can also be found on one’s house and clothing? Why is the Kohen the one who is in charge of this evaluation? Why is the metzora sequestered for seven days? What does it mean in the medrash when it says that tzara’as is a result of a mother who was not careful in the laws of family purity? Why does the niddah count seven clean days? What is the connection to the counting of the seven weeks of the Omer? Why was the punishment of Chava that she would have a period where blood flows out of her – how does this rectify the sin?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

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