Acharei Mos – Rabbi Perr

I am very excited and proud to present the first of hopefully many audio files of my Rosh Yeshiva’s wonderful and inspiring shiurim. I was זוכה to attend Yeshiva of Far Rockaway for close to six years, and I heard vaadim from my Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yechiel Perr, for close to three of those years. The wisdom he imparted then has had a tremendous impact on my life, to this very day. As I mentioned a while ago, I recently got a hold of a set of DVD’s of his Shiurim, and I have been listening to the vaadim. I have been meaning to try to put up some of the shiurim here and elsewhere, but hadn’t gotten to it until now. I would like to share this shiur that my Rosh Yeshiva gave on parshas Acharei Mos. The main topic of the shiur is the advantage of living in a state of hester panim – difficulty discerning the hand of Hashem. I believe that you will find this shiur to be extremely interesting and relevant. I want to personally thank my Rosh Yeshiva for giving me permission to put the shiurim out for the public to hear. I would also like to mention that the shiur was given in Yeshiva, and thus it requires a certain level of vocabulary of the yeshivishe lingo. The English is interspersed with Yiddish, Hebrew and Aramaic, so please be forewarned!

Here is the link to Rabbi Perr’s shiur on Acharei Mos.

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