Rabbi Perr on Parshas Kedoshim

I am again happy to present another shiur from Rav Perr. This one is connected to Parshas Kedoshim through the concept of Kedusha. Rabbi Perr gives us a beautiful in-depth lesson about the concept of the kedusha that the angels say. He contrasts it with the kedusha that the Jewish people themselves say, as well. In the course of the lesson, he teaches an incredible depth in the concept of Galus and Geulah – exile and redemption, and how the main tikkun, or rectification, of the Jewish people is only to be accomplished in darkness of exile. When I listened to this, I was deeply moved by his depth of understanding of the concept of the Jewish people’s purpose in exile, and how great is the accomplishment of the Jewish people there, not despite, but because of the spiritual darkness that they find themselves in. I greatly encourage you to listen to this wonderful shiur.

Here is the shiur, Rabbi Perr on Parshas Kedoshim.

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