Vaera – Lesson of the frogs

Why were the first two plagues the only ones the magicians could replicate? Is there a significant difference between Moshe’s miracle of the frogs, as opposed to the magicians’? Why did the plague begin in the water? Why didn’t Moshe just make frogs on the land? What is the understanding of the word “צפרדע” – and what does it teach us? What is the connection between the frogs, “הצפרדעים” and the Jewish people, the “צבאות השם”? Why is it that all the frogs remained, as opposed to every other plague, where the plague was completely removed, including the locusts, as per the medrash? What is the significance of the parallel between the frog’s transformation and the fetus’ transformation into a baby at birth?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 18:54

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