Beshalach – Water, prophecy and song

Why is the climax of the Exodus specifically at Yam Suf, a body of water?
What is the significance of the fact that there was an incredible level of prophecy at yam suf? Why does the Torah stress, a number of times, that the water was a wall for them, to their right and left? What is the secret of the three verses of 72 letters and the 72 letter name of Hashem? What is the deep connection to Succos, where we see that the 72 letter name is used, as per Rashi in Succah? What is the deeper connection between water, ruach hakodesh, and song? Why did each of the twelve tribes get their own path? What is the significance of the miracle that they were able to see through the water and view each of the other tribes? Why was Moshe back involved in this miracle, after being left out of bechoros?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 22:36

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