If we follow the line of thought of the previous post, we find that the month of Nissan, centering around Pesach is a very great tikkun – the completion or bringing out of the nine month tikkun from Av until Adar Beis. What is interesting is that if we go back to the story of Purim, we find that Esther’s test with entering into Achashverosh’s private quarters was also centered around Pesach. Rashi there says that the three days of fasting were the 14th, 15th (first day of Pesach), and 16th. This was where the salvation of Purim actually occurred. It is also worth noting that Esther mentions that she had not been called in to the king in thirty days. This means that the difficulty she had been going through had been ‘on pause’ since Purim (or what would later be Purim), the center of the month of Adar, when the tikkun of Moshiach ben Yosef peaks in this cycle. Again, it would seem possible that there will be some kind of interesting events centering around the beginning of Pesach, just as it was in the time of the Exodus, as well as the time of Purim.

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