Yosef & Yesh Tikvah

It was recently that I remembered that two different important events for me were connected. In 2011, I was zoche to visit Kever Yosef three times. The last time I went was on December 27, 2011, which was Rosh Chodesh Teves. Here’s a little clip from that day.
It was exactly two weeks later at the very middle of the month of Teves that I composed and wrote the first draft of the song “Yesh Tikvah.” Looking back, it feels like they are connected. The idea of being in darkness and facing it with faith and the knowledge that there is hope is certainly what Yosef represents to me.
As we have watched Kever Yosef be a point of destruction and rebuilding over and over, it must serve as a source of chizzuk for us that we will rise from all the challenges, and the very difficulties themselves will build a greater future for us.
Here’s a video from Arutz 7 of the rebuilding of Kever Yosef after the recent destruction.

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  1. Yosef was my father, that got his first yahrzeit just before Simchat Torah this year, on the Jewish birthday of my mother, Nadezda=Tikva. My granddaughter born 3 months ago, is the combination of both of them, especially her laugh!!!
    Yesh Tikva, indeed!
    Shabbat shalom.

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