Moshiach – Gog Umagog Part 3 (World War III) – Podcast 15

What is the idea behind the three wars of Gog Umagog? Why is there a gap of 70 years from the first two until the third one? Why hasn’t this third war happened yet if the 70 years have already elapsed? What does the initial restored kingdom of the Jewish people look like? Why does the process begin in a natural way (Moshiach ben Yosef) and then switch to the supernatural (Moshiach ben Dovid)? Why does it seem like the Ashkenazic world has taken a stronger leadership role in the Land of Israel in contrast to the Sefardic world? Could this have been foretold by the prophet Yechezkel (Ezekiel)? What is the meaning of the prophecy that Persia-Iran will face of with Edom-The West? Who will be the ultimate victor in that final war? Who is “Aram” in today’s world?

Find out in this eye-opening edition of the Moshiach Podcast.


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