Rosh Hashana – Holding on to the Throne

What is the unique power of Teshuva? How does it help a person to reach Hashem’s Throne of Glory? What was the importance of what the angels showed Moshe at each level as he rose through the seven heavens? Why is Teshuva-repentance associated with the seventh level and the throne? How was Moshe able to ‘hold on’ to the Throne despite its transcendent nature? What is the idea behind the three special blessings we say on Rosh Hashana – Malchiyos (Kingship), Zichronos (rememberances) and Shofaros? How does the Shofar’s sound transport us in front of the Throne? How do we ‘hold on’ to the Throne?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 28:37

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