Vzos Habracha-Shmini Atzeres – Alone with Hashem

What is the idea behind Moshe being called a ‘Man of God?’ How can one be ‘a man’ – human – and also be Godly? Why is this a prerequisite in order for him to bless the Jewish people? Why does the Torah stress that he is blessing them before his death? What is the depth behind the idea of the Jewish people being an ‘Am Levadad’ – a lonely nation? How does this correspond to Hashem’s oneness? What is the depth of the teaching that Hashem has a special festive meal alone with the Jewish people on the last day of Succos (ie Shmini Atzeres)? Why do the blessings come from this ‘loneliness?’

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 24:05

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