Vaera – Moshe, Moshiach and the Downfall of Trump

Why does Moshe begin the redemption process, only to be faced with a setback that seems to makes things worse for the Jewish people? Why does the redemption process need to start with Rachamim-mercy that is clothed in Din-judgment? Why does Hashem have compassion on Moshe despite Moshe’s challenge to Him? What is the idea behind the Din-judgment being directed at the Egyptians, and the Rachamim-mercy being directed at the Jewish people? Why does a great friend of the Jewish people have to experience such a downfall? How are we to approach the seemingly positive movement in our times toward a positive recognition of the Jewish people, contrasted with the seemingly impending reversal of all that good? How does the process described in the original redemption parallel how the ultimate redemption will play out?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 26:17

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