Bitachon Podcasts 54-57

Bitachon 57: Hashem Gives the Challenge

Rabenu Yonah goes into the idea that it makes a lot of sense to place our trust in Hashem, as He is the one who gives us the challenge in the first place – to help us grow and become better – so it is in Him that we can place our trust.

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Bitachon 56: Hashem is in Charge of it All

Rabenu Yonah speaks about the hope that is engendered by our Bitachon, and the idea that Hashem is All-Powerful and therefore, he can save us from even the most dire situation. He also speaks of the importance of realizing that all that occurs to us is from Hashem, and the humans who bring it about are just His messengers.

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Running time: 17:40


Bitachon 55: Facing Difficult Times

Rabenu Yonah teaches us that with Bitachon and strong commitment to Torah we have special protection, even from the sins of those around us. He also talks about how important it is to know that the challenges and difficulties of our lives serve to purify us from our previous sins.

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Running time: 22:10


Bitachon 54: Bitachon and Yiras Hashem

We continue in the Rabenu Yonah on the topic of trusting Hashem in every area – even the lighter cases that we might think we can ‘do it on our own.’ This helps us recognize that it’s really all Hashem. He also helps us realize that our Bitachon level is tied in to our ability to give tzedakah, and is intimately tied into our level of Yiras Hashem – Fear of Heaven.

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Running time: 15:56

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