Naso & Behaaloscha – Foundations of Light

Why is the revelation of Hashem, where He speaks to Moshe from on top of the Ark, directly after the sacrifices brought by the 12 princes of the tribes? What is the idea behind the human being who is able to hear the voice of Hashem, while the spiritual angels are not able to do so? What is the depth in the teaching that Aharon and the Kohanim were given the mitzvah to light the Menorah in contrast to the Nesi’im (princes) who brought their sacrifices in the Mishkan’s inauguration? Why does Aharon’s lighting of the menorah immediately follow these sacrifices? What is the parallel between the Levi’im as the ‘beloved’ of Hashem, in contrast to the twelve tribes, and the Jewish people as the ‘beloved’ of Hashem in contrast to the seventy nations?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 27:46

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