Pinchas & Matos – One G-d, One Nation

What is behind the concept of Nedarim which are at the end of Parshas Pinchas and the beginning of Matos? Why do they immediately follow the commandment for the offerings of Shmini Atzeres? What is the deeper concept behind the diminishment of the Bull offerings that are brought throughout the days of Succos? What is represented by the single Bull and Ram that are brought on the Shmini Atzeres? Why is a guest to expect a diminishment in the food he is offered throughout his stay at his host’s home? Which festivals did Hashem reject, and which ones does He desire from His people? What is the concept of the Moadim-festivals? Why are the vows to be fulfilled specifically in relationship to the festivals?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 27:53

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