Vayikra – Longing to Return

What is the lesson of the reference of geirim (converts) as ‘those who return to the Divine shadow?’ In what ways are the geirim compared to the people of Israel themselves, who are like grains and vines? Why does Hashem call out to Moshe from the Tabernacle specifically with the name given to him by the daughter of Pharoah? Why do we read this calling and the previous parshios which deal with the construction of the Tabernacle specifically right before Pesach (Passover)? What is the idea of ‘Lebanon’ which is referred to in the verses in Hoshea – sometimes as a reference to the land of Israel, and sometimes as a reference to the Beis Hamikdash (Temple)?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 29:17

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