Tzav – Permission to Return

What are the differences between the Olah sacrifice and the Shelamim sacrifice? Were both in existence before the Torah was given? What is the hint to the fact that the Shelamim sacrifice was a new idea that the Torah brought forth? What are the ‘winds of the North’ that are awakened, and how do they compare to the ‘winds of the South?’ What is meant by the words of sages that the Jewish people shall return ‘from the North’ and come ‘to the South?’ How does this involve Gog and Magog and Moshiach? How do these two winds ultimately blow at the same time, although they are contradictory? What is meant by the fact that we must give ‘permission’ to Hashem to return to His Holy Temple?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 28:14


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