Noach – Only in Israel

What was the difference between Noach and Avraham? Would Noach have been greater if he was in a generation where there were others who also were spiritual giants? Why does the Torah say that Noach walked ‘next to Hashem’ as opposed to Avraham, who Hashem instructed to ‘walk before Him?’ What was the difference between Noach and Avraham’s approach to spiritual matters? How does ‘before Hashem’ refer to the land of Israel? Why does Hashem wish for Avraham to spread his spiritual light specifically in Israel, and not just in the land of Aram which is outside of Israel? What is the deeper idea behind Hashem being ‘like a shepherd for His flock?’ How does the Jewish people act like the elders of a prince and ‘announce that the prince is coming?’

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 26:36

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