Tetzaveh – Israel’s Secret Weapon

Why does the Torah use the word ‘davar’ – ‘thing’ or ‘matter’ in introducing the order of initiating Aharon and his sons into their Kohen service in the Mishkan-Tabernacle? What are the two ‘matters’ that can be used to atone and bring salvation when we do not have the ability to bring sacrifices? How do words of Torah and heartfelt prayer bring about the revelation of Hashem in the world? Why is Haman referred to as both an oppressor and an enemy? Why does Mordechai return to his sackcloth, fasting and prayer even after he is ‘raised up’ and clothed with king’s garments and rides the king’s horse? What is it that ultimately provides atonement for Aharon for having facilitated the sin of the Golden Calf?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 29:42

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