Vayikra-Purim – Rejuvenation of Israel at 75

Why does Moshe ‘stand by the side’ at each point – at the burning bush, at the splitting of the sea, at Sinai, and at the building of the Mishkan? Why, in each case, does Hashem tell him that only he can do it? How does this parallel Mordechai’s instruction to Esther to be the one to approach the king and serve as their redeemer? What is meant by our sages when they compare Esther to Sarah with the number 127, and when they compare her to Avraham who left for Israel at the age of 75? What is meant by the sages when they say that Tamar was the daughter of Shem if she lived so long after Shem? What is the significance of all of this in relationship to current events, which are occurring after 75 years since the Jewish state was founded?

Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 27:46

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