Acharei Mos and Pesach – From Egypt to Canaan

Why does the Torah preface the concept of illicit relations with a mention of ‘the ways of Egypt and Canaan?’ What is the concept of the process leading from Egypt to receiving the Torah, and ultimately to arrival in Israel? What is the deeper hidden root of this process? Why was it necessary for the…

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Chayei Sarah – Spiritual Roots

Why does Avraham reject the daughters of Aner, Eshkol and Mamrei, even though they are righteous? Why does he send Eliezer back to his own family, if they seem to be far from righteous? What is the concept of Baruch-blessed as opposed to Arur-cursed? Why are Haman and Amalek referred to as cursed if they…

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Lech Lecha – Avraham and Canaan

Why do the people of Canaan inhabit the holy land? Why does Hashem seem to send Avraham to specifically do his outreach with the Canaanites? What is Sodom’s connection to Avraham? What is the king of Sodom’s connection to MalkiTzedek? Why was Canaan cursed by Noach to be a slave to Shem? Find out in…

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