Shemos – Meriting Redemption

What does it mean that Hashem redeems us for the ‘sake of His name and the sake of His covenant?’ What is the difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing?’ Why does Hashem ‘see’ our sins, but ‘know’ about our good deeds? How can we be redeemed in the merit of something we will do in the…

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Pinchas – Zealous Patience

What are the two approaches to guiding the Jewish people? When is it appropriate to be zealous? When is it appropriate to be patient? What is the significance of the fact that the stories of both Pinchas and Eliyahu center around the concept of the Bris, which alternately represent the covenant with God, as well…

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Miketz – Clothing, the bris, food and speech

There are four themes that run through the entire story of Yosef, from beginning to end. They are the concepts of clothing, the covenant, food and speech. We explore the different places each of these themes appear in the story, and what the deeper significance of each theme is. To listen to this eye-opening Parsha…

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