Re'eh – Climbing God's Mountain

Why does the Torah command the people of Israel to place the blessings and curses on mountains? What is the concept of a mountain? What is the connection between ratzon-will and shemo-God’s name? How does  a false prophet have the ability to perform a true miracle? How does one use that power in its proper…

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Breishis – Waters of Love

Why is the creation of water not mentioned in the narrative of Creation? What is the concept of the upper and lower waters? Why was the lower water originally a mixture of water and earth? Why is the water gathered to reveal the land? What is the meaning of R’ Bachya’s statement that the water’s…

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Chukas – Waters of Desire

What is the concept of the well? When was the song of the well sung? Who sang the song? Why was there a song connected to the water? Why was it specifically the merit of Miriam that was the cause of the miracle of the well? What was underlying the sin of Moshe when he…

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