Vaera – Raising the cup of Salvation

What is the difference between the name Kel Shakai and Hashem (Yud Kei Vav Kei)? Why does Hashem tell Moshe to tell the Jewish people of their imminent redemption if they don’t have the capability to hear it? What is the connection between the four languages of Geulah and the four cups that were in…

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Shemos – Birthpangs of Redemption

Why does the plight of the Jewish people worsen with Moshe’s revelation as redeemer? What is the reason for this pattern repeating in subsequent redemptions – before the second temple and in the final redemption? Why does Hashem reveal Himself in a bush? Why does the giving of the Torah immediately follow the Exodus, and…

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Vayigash – Climax and culmination

How do we view the tikkun of the reunification of the family of Yisrael? How do we understand the dichotomy of the redemptive qualities of this event, as opposed to the fact that it is the start of the Egyptian exile? Why does Yakov return to Beer Sheva on the way down to Egypt? Why…

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