Fall of the US

Yeah, that title got your attention! It’s so funny, because the last place I would have expected to hear that the US is falling is in the misrad haklitah – the office for absorption. See, my wife and I officially made aliyah a little less than three years ago after living here for over five…

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Purim gelt

Guest post by Daniel Based on my best calculations, I gave very close to, or just over, $25 in tzedakah throughout Purim this year. I was makpid to the best of my ability to always give something to anyone that asked me. Upon arriving back at my house, there was a letter waiting for me,…

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Obama, the economy, and the prelude to Moshiach

Why is the economic situation connected to Moshiach’s arrival? Why does it seem that the current mode of dealing with the problem will not yield bona fide results? I think that our hearts tell us that both of the aforementioned questions are valid. While this that we sense may be affected by what we’ve read…

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