Vayikra – Special Nation

What is the reason for the Jewish people’s ‘special nation’ status? Why does the midrash stress this so much right here at the beginning of Vayikra with the founding of the Tabernacle? Why was it so important for the nations of the world that the Tabernacle be protected? Why were the nations unable to receive…

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Vayechi – Modesty and blessings

What is the significance of the fact that Menashe and Efraim are the paradigm which is used to bless all the children of the Jewish people? Why are they blessed to multiply like fish? What is the deeper significance of fish? How do we understand the fact that Yosef is split into two tribes? Why…

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Vayechi – Efraim, Yosef and fruitfulness

What is the significance of Efraim’s priority over Menashe? What is the meaning of his name, and what does it have to do with fruitfulness? What is the parallel between this and Yosef’s name? Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

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