female aspect

Bechukosai – Finding the Balance

Which was created first – the Heavens or the Earth? How can we really talk about ‘first’ if it was before there was time? Who was greater – Moses or Aaron? Why does the verse reverse the order of the patriarchs, speaking of the covenant with Jacob, Isaac and Abraham? Why is this verse surrounded…

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Pinchas – 7 Year Podcast Anniversary!

Why is there no prohibition to destroy the fruit-bearing trees of the Midianites? What is the deeper significance of the fact that the woman of the generation of the wilderness were not involved in the sins of the Golden Calf and the Spies? Why does Hashem ask Moshe seven times to be his messenger to…

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Devarim – Song and Prayer of Redemption

In this week’s Parsha Podcast, we study together the secret of the joy of Moshiach (Messiah) that is all about the revelation of God in the world, and how it is awakened through the female aspect, as is represented by King David, the great grandfather of Moshiach. We also explore the aspect of song and…

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