Bechukosai – Finding the Balance

Which was created first – the Heavens or the Earth? How can we really talk about ‘first’ if it was before there was time? Who was greater – Moses or Aaron? Why does the verse reverse the order of the patriarchs, speaking of the covenant with Jacob, Isaac and Abraham? Why is this verse surrounded…

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Tazria – Later and Earlier

In describing the birth of a child and the circumcision on the eighth day, why does the Torah bother to tell us about the conception as well as the impurity of the mother for seven days following birth? What is the connection between this verse and the verse in psalms which speaks of God fashioning…

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The missing malchus (female aspect)

I wanted to share a deep thought that struck me early today. When one has a good grasp of the core concepts underlying Hashem’s world, the ideas laid down in the deeper sources, one can see applications of those ideas in a very broad range of places. Perhaps the most essential concept is the balance…

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