Vayelech-Yom Kippur – Song of Repentance

What is the concept of the song of Haazinu? If it is filled with words of rebuke, how can it qualify as a song? What is special about Yom Kippur which draws even the most unaffiliated Jew back to the synagogue? What is the communal song of forgiveness that we all sing on Yom Kippur?…

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Yosef breaking the illusion

The amazing power of the sitra achra – the other side – is to bring us to believe that we need something that we do not; to have an experience of lack, to feel broken, when in reality we are whole. This is followed by the false belief that we can become whole through whatever it…

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Vayikra – Understanding forgiveness

What is the concept of the atonement sacrifices? Why does the Torah seem to be so focused on sin? What is the concept of forgiveness? How can we look past the negative interactions in our relationships and forgive? How does one deal with pride? How can we forgive ourselves? Find out in this week’s Parsha…

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