The right accent

Guest post by Daniel. I recently heard this at a halacha class in the name of Rav Kanievsky: Because people sometimes put the accent on the wrong part of words, theoretically, a person could go their entire life without every really saying krias Shema, ch’v! (that’s the R’ Kanievsky part) What matters in krias Shema…

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Seeing the Light

Guest post by Daniel I’ve been learning Mishna Berura yomi. I did not expect to find mystical lessons in halacha. However, I clearly had a misunderstanding for how deep Torah truly is. With enough halacha, you start to see patterns about the nature of the world. Below is what I have discovered so far about…

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Shalosh Seudos and Gog Umagog

Guest post by Daniel Shulchan Aruch 291:1 Din Shalosh Seudos A person should be very cautious to fulfill [the mitzvah of eating] the Third Meal [on Shabbos]. Mishnah BerurahAs is brought in the gemara: A person is obligated to eat three meals on Shabbos, and this is in parallel to the verse that says אכלהו…

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