Chayei Sarah – Spiritual Roots

Why does Avraham reject the daughters of Aner, Eshkol and Mamrei, even though they are righteous? Why does he send Eliezer back to his own family, if they seem to be far from righteous? What is the concept of Baruch-blessed as opposed to Arur-cursed? Why are Haman and Amalek referred to as cursed if they…

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Noach – Illusion and Reality

If water is a creative force, why is the world being destroyed by water? What is the connection between the cooling of the waters and cooling of the anger of Achashverosh in the story of Purim? What is the parallel between the water’s destruction here, and the water’s destruction of the Egyptians as the Jews…

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Emor – Transforming the physical

Why is this time period referred to as the counting of the omer? What is the significance of the sacrifice? And why is it brought on the second day of Pesach, as opposed to the first day? What about the korban omer creates the merit for the entrance into Israel? What is the connection between…

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