Vayikra – Prayer and sacrifice

What is the concept of the sacrifices? What is the connection between sacrifice and prayer? Why are both of these concepts called ‘avodah’ – service? What is the difference between service of Hashem and the service of idolatry? What is the deeper reason why the sacrifices were completely consumed by the body with no waste,…

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Four fifths

I was thinking about the plague of darkness, where we find that our sages tell us that four-fifths, or 49/50 or 499/500 died amongst the Jewish people. To understand this on the surface level would have us calculate the Jewish people to be five, fifty or five hundred times 600,000 before the plague of darkness.…

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Vaera – Moshe and Aharon, the Geulah team

Why are Moshe and Aharon both necessary for the redemption to take place? Why does it seem that Moshe is initially supposed to be the only redeemer? What is the special attribute of each of the brothers? Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast. Running time: 20:29

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