Pinchas – Spiritual Intuition

Why do we need so many different voices pointing out which piece of the land of Israel is given to which tribe? What does it mean that the lottery ticket itself spoke? What is the message of the midrash in saying that the women of Israel were able to close the spiritual gap created by…

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Ki Seitze – Intuition and Transcendence

Why does the Torah only tell us the reward for two out of the 613 commandments? Why does it specifically tell us by honoring parents and sending away the mother bird? What is the deeper understanding of the idea of sending away the mother bird when taking the eggs or chicks? How does one access…

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Shoftim – Preparing for war

How can we be assured that God will be with us when we go out to war? Why does the Kohen use the phrase ‘Shema Yisrael’ – Hear O Israel – when he introduces his speech to the cavalry? Why is the concept of the heart repeated so many times? What is the concept of…

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