Ramchal on MBY, MBD and Binyomin

What follows is a beautiful piece from the Ramchal, which I ‘happened’ across last week while flipping through the fourth volume of Otzros Ramchal. This is the fourth of the Igros which can be found toward the back of the book. The main text is the Ramchal, and my own thoughts are separated by asterisks…

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Gr"a on Redemption notes III

3. This Redemption will only occur through the learning of Torah. The main Redemption is dependent on the learning of Kabbalah (*) (**). (*) Raya Mehemna (2:2), Tikkunei Zohar (4:4), Tikkunei Zohar Chadash (36:3). For this reason, the blessing of Ahava Rabba, which is the blessing of the Torah (Berachos 11), was ordered as we…

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Banishing exile's darkness

Last week, I got a surprising phone call. I was asked if I would sing at a yeshiva’s siyum on Thursday, right after the fast of the 17th of Tamuz. As the the three weeks would have already begun, this meant that there would be no music, just my voice to lead the dancing and…

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