Vayetzei – Yakov's dream, Yosef's dreams

What is the concept of Yakov’s dream, and dreams in general? Why is Yakov’s dream global, while Yosef’s seems to be personal? Why does Yosef’s involve people, while Yakov’s involves angels? Why does Yakov have his dream after being chased by Esav, while Yosef has his dream before being chased by his brothers? What is…

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Nitsavim-Vayelech – Climbing the Spiritual Ladder

Why does the fisherman feel he can fish, but can not be spiritual? What is the soft rebuke that Elijah the prophet gives him? What are the two secrets of spiritual growth that R’ Nosson of Breslov shares with us, based on the passuk in this week’s parsha? Find out in this week’s parsha podcast.…

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