Devarim – Where is His place?

Why do we always read Devarim on Parshas Chazon – the Shabbos before Tisha B’av? Why do we comfort mourners with a reference to a consolation from Hashem as ‘hamakom’ – the place? Why do the angels search for Hashem’s ‘place?’ What is the concept of the word “איכה” – in our parsha, in the…

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Tzav – Traversing Adar and Nissan

Why does the dedication of the sanctuary begin in Adar and finish in Nissan? Why does the creation of the world start in Adar and end in Nissan? What is the connection between Purim and Pesach? Why does Purim continue to be celebrated after Moshiach comes, whereas Pesach is not? What is the significance of…

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