Vayetze – Spiritual Transitions

Why does the ladder represent so many different things: the temple, Mount Sinai, four exiles? Why do the angels who destroyed sodom return here? Why were they out of commision for 138 years? Why are they all of a sudden returned to their post now? How could the angels say something wrong? What does it…

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Vayeira – Shining the Light of Truth

In this week’s parsha podcast, we talk about the idea that the forces of evil surround the entranceway to Holiness, covering it in darkness. Only the light of simple Truth can remove the darkness and show us that gate which we thought was not there. Click Here for this week’s Parsha Podcast. Running time: 18:17

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Vayera – Revealing God's plan

Why does Avraham’s meeting with the angels occur in conjunction with Pesach? Why does the destruction of Sodom occur concurrently? Why is Yitzchak born on Pesach? Why does the binding of Isaac occur on Pesach? Why does Lot’s conception with his daughters occur then, as well? Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast. Running time:…

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