Ki Sisa – Receiving the 7th in the 6th

Why is the concept of Shabbos the introduction to the story of the Golden Calf? Why does Moshe study the Torah for forty days diligently, only to forget it and then receive it as a gift in the end? Why do the Jewish people use the Manna in their idolatrous worship of the Golden Calf?…

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Ki Sisa – Rebuilding relationships

How could Aharon Hakohen be involved in the making of the Golden calf? If he was the one who pursued peace and was concerned with relationships, how could he be a party to this violation of the Jewish people’s relationship with Hashem? What is the connection to the story of Purim? What is the significance…

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Ki Sisa – Reflecting the light

Why is the story of the the sin of the Golden Calf prefaced with the giving of the luchos to Moshe? Why did that specifically occur on the last of the forty days? Why were the Jews in such a rush to replace Moshe with the calf (as per the Ramban)? Why was it necessary…

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