Shalosh Seudos and Gog Umagog

Guest post by Daniel Shulchan Aruch 291:1 Din Shalosh Seudos A person should be very cautious to fulfill [the mitzvah of eating] the Third Meal [on Shabbos]. Mishnah BerurahAs is brought in the gemara: A person is obligated to eat three meals on Shabbos, and this is in parallel to the verse that says אכלהו…

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Gog and Magog – part 1

A while ago I posted about the idea that Gog – גוג – is the opposite of Dovid – דוד. What this means is that whereas Dovid represents complete התבטלות (self-nullification) – דלות ודלות, Gog represents complete and absolute pride – גאווה וגאווה. The more we associate ourselves with the attribute of humility, the more…

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