Shmini – Talent and Torah

What was the sin of Nadav and Avihu that caused their death? What is the connection between being married and bringing the ketores-incense offering? Why is the Hebrew word for marriage ‘kiddushin’ which also means holiness? What is the proper approach to using one’s talents? Find out in this week’s parsha podcast. Running time: 16:14

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Vayetzei – Synthesis of Opposites

What is the significance of the contrast between Rebecca coming to Israel to marry Isaac, as opposed to Jacob going to Charan to marry Rachel and Leah? Why is it as ‘hard’ for Hashem to create matches between men and women as it is for Him to split the sea? Why did Jacob remove the…

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Ki Seitsei – Rejoicing in marriage

Why does the Torah place the onus of bringing about marital harmony on the man? What is the connection between marriage and prohibition of taking collateral from the debtor’s means of livelihood? What is the difference between the Torah’s view of marriage and the Western view of marriage? Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.…

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