Metzora – Process of Return

What is the power of the Torah that can penetrate into the deepest darkness? How does one access that light even in a state of distance from Hashem and one’s felow man? What is the significance of the seven days that are part of the atonement process of the metzora? Find out in this week’s…

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Naso – Love and Respect

Why does the Torah place the concept of the encampments next to the idea of Metzora? The midrash tells us that the Jewish people were cured of this type of ailment at Mount Sinai, and that it returned after the sin of the Golden Calf – Why is this only significant now, almost a year…

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Tazria-Metzorah – The Metzorah/Niddah connection

Why do we mainly find this unusual sickness in regards to the concept of lashon hara – forbidden speech? Why does this sickness cover the skin? Why do we find that this sickness can also be found on one’s house and clothing? Why is the Kohen the one who is in charge of this evaluation?…

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