Balak – Final Refinement

Why does Hashem lead the Jewish people to a place where they will sin? What is the significance of the waters of Shittim that the Jews drank of, which was also the spring that the people of Sodom drank from? Why does the midrash seem to make a clear connection to Abraham, sodom and the…

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Pinchas – 7 Year Podcast Anniversary!

Why is there no prohibition to destroy the fruit-bearing trees of the Midianites? What is the deeper significance of the fact that the woman of the generation of the wilderness were not involved in the sins of the Golden Calf and the Spies? Why does Hashem ask Moshe seven times to be his messenger to…

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Matos-Masei – The Midyan war

Why is the war with Midyan prefaced with the laws of vows? Why is Moshe told that he will die immediately after this war? Why does Pinchas lead them in battle, and not Yehoshua? Why did Pinchos bring back so many Midianites and why did Moshe adamantly demand their death? Why does the Torah give…

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