Re'eh – Climbing God's Mountain

Why does the Torah command the people of Israel to place the blessings and curses on mountains? What is the concept of a mountain? What is the connection between ratzon-will and shemo-God’s name? How does  a false prophet have the ability to perform a true miracle? How does one use that power in its proper…

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Moshiach's appointed time

ליל שימורים הוא לה’ להוציאם מארץ מצרים הוא הלילה הזה לה’ שימרים לכל בני ישראל לדורותם – A night of protection is it unto Hashem, to take them out of the land of Egypt, [such is] this night unto Hashem, protection for all of the children of Israel for all their generations. (Shemos 12:42) The…

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Beshalach – Accessing the supernatural

Why are we specifically told to tell the story (lesaper) of the Exodus? Why was Moshe told not to Daven at Yam suf? How did the Jews survive if they were equally deserving of death because they too served idolatry? How do we tap into the world of the supernatural and miraculous? Find out in…

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