Chayei Sarah – Retrieving Holiness

Why did Avraham feel it was so important to pay for the Cave of Machpela (cave of the patriarchs)? Why couldn’t he receive it as a gift? What is the significance of that specific burial plot? Why did King David do the same thing when purchasing the Temple Mount upon which the Temple would be…

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Pesach – Leaving Egypt with great wealth

Why is it necessary for the Jewish people to be enslaved in Egypt? What does Egypt represent? What is the concept of the Jewish people leaving Egypt with great riches? Why is the Mishkan and Beis Hamikdash bedecked with silver and gold? What is the significance of the parallel idea in the future redemption? What…

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Bimidbar – counting is love

Why does Hashem count us? How does it show his love? Why are the Leviim counted separately? Why is the counting specifically done with money? What is the deeper meaning behind money? Why are Bechorim redeemed specifically with money? Find out in this week’s parsha podcast

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