Chayei Sarah – Spiritual Roots

Why does Avraham reject the daughters of Aner, Eshkol and Mamrei, even though they are righteous? Why does he send Eliezer back to his own family, if they seem to be far from righteous? What is the concept of Baruch-blessed as opposed to Arur-cursed? Why are Haman and Amalek referred to as cursed if they…

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Vayakhel-Pekudei – Prayers of a Lion

Why are Betzalel, from the tribe of Judah, and Oholiab, from Dan, specifically chosen for the building of the tabernacle? Why is the Tabernacle referred to as a lion? What is the concept of the lion? Why is the place of God’s presence and our relationship with Him to be found in a place of…

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Matos – humility and redemption

Why does Moshe forget a law? Why does he give Elazar Hakohen the chance to say the law? Why is it necessary for Elazar to quote Moshe by name? What is the concept of bringing redemption by quoting in someone’s name? Why did Esther wait until the second party to cause Haman’s downfall? Why was…

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