Bo – Nissan Month of Redemption

What is the concept of Nissan being the first of the months? Why is this the first commandment the Jewish people receive as a nation? What is the idea of the ‘keitz’ and the ‘ibbur’ in regards to redemption? What is the concept of ‘the first’ and how does it relate to Hashem, Jerusalem, Moshiach…

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Re'eh – Climbing God's Mountain

Why does the Torah command the people of Israel to place the blessings and curses on mountains? What is the concept of a mountain? What is the connection between ratzon-will and shemo-God’s name? How does  a false prophet have the ability to perform a true miracle? How does one use that power in its proper…

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Re'eh – Understanding idolatry

Why is it so essential to uproot idolatry as a prerequisite to fulfilling the Torah? Why do our sage say that one who denies the validity of idolatry is considered as if he has fulfilled the entire Torah? What is the significance of the mountain in spiritual practice? Why were the blessings and curses placed…

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