Name of Hashem

Terumah – Secret of Lishma

Why does the Torah refer to the donation to Mishkan as ‘taking?’ What is the concept of Lishma? Why do we refer to a pure motive as ‘for the sake of Hashem’s name?’ Why is this a requirement specifically in regards to the commandment of building the Mishkan? Why is Hashem’s name found in correlation…

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Terumah – Spiritual gravity

Why does the Torah go straight from the story of Moshe going up on Har Sinai into the commandment to build the mishkan? What do chazal mean when they say that “ויקחו לי” means that it should be taken “לשמי” – for My name’s sake? Why is the Aron the first of the kelim mentioned…

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Noach – The flood and the dispersion

What is the deeper story behind the generation of the dispersion? What was their sin? What did they mean when they said, ‘Let us make a name for ourselves?’ What is the contrast between their sin and the generation of the flood? Why is the name Elokim used in the story of the flood, as…

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