Nasso – Serving Hashem Intuitively

What is the significance of the special offering of the Nesi’im, the princes of the tribes of Israel? How did they know to give the wagons and oxen which would transport the tabernacle? Why was Moshe upset that the command did not come through him? What was Hashem’s response to Moshe? Why did this idea…

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Behaaloscha – Doing what you really want

Why does the command to light the Menorah in the sanctuary immediately follow the sacrifices of the Nesi’im of the tribes? What is the underlying concept of those sacrifices? What is the underlying concept of the lighting of the Menorah? What is the great praise of Aharon that he ‘did as he was told?’ What…

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Nasso – Responsibly Leading

What was the mistake of the Nesi’im (princes)? How did they rectify this mistake with the wagons and offerings they brought? Why does the Torah start and end the parsha talking about the mishkan but interrupt with the concept of the Sotah, Nazir and blessings of the Kohanim? Find out in this week’s Parsha Podcast.

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